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New Windows Might Not Be the Energy Upgrade You Need

What’s not to love about energy efficiency? It saves you money, makes your home more comfortable, and is environmentally friendly! Unfortunately, at National we’re finding a common misconception among Cincinnati homeowners who believe that windows are the largest source of energy loss. While some energy is lost through them, there are other areas in a home that lose much more energy. In fact, a drafty room may not be a result of a faulty window at all.

Seal it up!

Getting your home properly air sealed is a great place to start making your home more efficient. What people often don’t know is the majority of air infiltrating or escaping is coming in/going out through the basement and attic. Sealing up these voids will be cheaper, and more effective than replacing your windows.

Insulation is Your Friend

Following air sealing, insulation is a great upgrade that will be beneficial not only in the short term but in the long term. Many homes have insufficient insulation, or insulation that was poorly installed. Without proper insulation, your heater or air conditioner has to work much harder to keep the home at a comfortable temperature. This wastes energy and means you’re spending more money heating and cooling your home.

Don’t Let Your Money Go Out the Window

Don’t get us wrong, poorly sealed, low R-value windows can be quite detrimental to energy efficiency. Yet, there are a host of home performance services that will be more worth your money to get. Replacing windows is an expensive upgrade. Getting the cracks and leaks throughout your home sealed, or improving your insulation will be a more affordable and effective option.

Improve Away!

You’ll notice a change in your home as soon as you begin making home performance upgrades. Don’t be fooled into thinking windows are the only way to getting rid of those pesky drafts. Fortunately, there are a many affordable services that can have your home more efficient than ever before. Not sure the best way to start improving your Cincinnati home? Contact us, or schedule an energy audit to see exactly where your home loses energy, and how to fix it.


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