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National Heating and Air Conditioning is not your typical heating and cooling contractor. We employ a number of practices that set us apart in the HVAC industry that we believe will help you get a sense of who we are and how we do business.

“The National Heating and Air Conditioning Team did a whole house energy audit for us and found that our return air duct was pulling attic air into our home, causing our air conditioner to run constantly on hotter days. They also noticed that certain areas in our attic were not insulated properly, causing hot and cold spots in certain rooms. After giving us a few options to fix the issues, they proceeded to air seal the return duct, insulate the small areas of the attic, and seal the duct work, leaving our home more comfortable and energy efficient.

The guys used white drop cloths and booties throughout the process, and were very respectful of our home, which was very much appreciated!”

A Thorough Process

We are in the heating and air conditioning business to work hard, and to resolve complex problems for our customers’ comfort, safety, and energy efficiency as it relates to their home comfort system.

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At National Heating and Air Conditioning, our HVAC contractors approach each of our projects with the goal of providing world-class customer service and proven results. To accomplish this, we analyze the home before and after each installation project to ensure that each of our customers’ goals have been accomplished: from improving comfort and indoor air quality to minimizing energy costs and environmental impact. Our certified building analysts are trained and experience in this field—a distinction that sets us apart from the majority of heating and cooling contractors out there today.

Schedule heating or air conditioning repair, maintenance, or installation services in Cincinnati today! Give us a call at 513-399-5757 or contact us online to request a consultation.

What You Can Expect from Our HVAC Team

If you choose National Heating and Air Conditioning for your next home heating, cooling or ventilation project, you will receive an email with information about the technician who will be arriving at your home. This includes a picture, a short biography, specializations and certifications, along with a confirmation of your appointment time and the service requested.

Our HVAC company offers the following services:

In addition to our most popular heating and air conditioning services, we also offer a variety of home HVAC services, including duct cleaning and sealing, connected home services, and more!

Each of our HVAC technicians is trained, certified, friendly and experienced, and this unique process gives our customers the opportunity to get to know them before they even arrive at the house.


We are happy to work with our customers to find the best financial options to make your home as comfortable and efficient as it can be today, at the best upfront cost and with the greatest projected energy savings over time. To accomplish this, we offer financing options for both residential and commercial customers and are happy to help you work through any paperwork to take advantage of rebates and other incentives that may be available. Read more about financing.

Our Heating & Air Conditioning Service Benefits

As your HVAC company in Cincinnati, we offer the following heating and air conditioning service benefits:

  • We offer a free second opinion, any day, any time.
  • We will not condemn HVAC equipment that is safe, operational, and efficient.
  • We allow our customers to make the final decisions that pertain to their home comfort system’s safety and well-being.
  • We promise to complete work that is to our customers’ liking, or we will make it right for them.
  • We strive to stay in the forefront of technology, offering products that enable our customers to be safe, comfortable, and energy efficient.
  • We offer several HVAC maintenance levels to choose from to suit your ideal needs and budget.
  • “100% Right, or 100% Free”
  • Presently at 75% NATE Certified, with a goal of 100% NATE Certification
  • We have an apprenticeship program in place to help all new employees become NATE Certified
  • We are a drug free workplace.
  • Our employees wear name badges that include photo identification, phone number, and certifications.
  • We provide a “one year test drive” with any replacement equipment. If the customer is not 100% satisfied with their system, we will give their money back and pull the equipment.

Do you need heating or air conditioning services in Cincinnati, Loveland, Mason, Montgomery, or West Chester Township? Call us today at 513-399-5757 or contact us online!

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    This company is always friendly and on time. They work hard and always tell me what they think they need to do before they do it. They clean up well after the job is done.
    Customer, Jenny
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