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Geothermal Heating Problems: Troubleshooting Tips Explained

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According to the Department of Natural Resources, geothermal units can lower utility costs by up to 60%. However, energy costs can increase if your geothermal system malfunctions. Should you try a DIY approach or schedule it for service? 

While some issues have easy fixes, others require the expertise of a professional. Learn some common issues and simple troubleshooting tips before calling a professional.

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3 Signs You Have a Problem

Geothermal systems can run consistently for 25+ years and are extremely reliable. However, on occasion, your HVAC might have no heat or air.

Whether your utility bills suddenly increase, your home has inadequate airflow, or rooms do not achieve the right temperature, we have tips that can help.

Common geothermal system problems include:

  • Heat pump issues: The blower fan motor might be bad if your AC or heat does not work. Other culprits include a refrigerant leak, clogged drain, or bad capacitator or contactor. Try tripping the circuit breaker or changing the batteries.
  • Pump trouble: Because your system relies on a pump, if it malfunctions, no water or heat can circulate through the unit. Let us know, and we can repair your pump. For older systems, we have economical replacement options.
  • A gasket leak: If you see water leaking, contact a technician who can replace the hardware and check your system pressure.
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Check Thermostat Settings

Confirm the thermostat is on heat mode or cool. This should be a simple fix. If it doesn’t switch to that setting, contact us for service.

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Replace the Air Filter

Clogged and dirty filters can fill up with debris, diminish airflow, and increase energy costs. Changing it can immediately circulate more air.

Check Temperature Settings

Another step is to check the temperature gauge. Your system may not power on if the temperature outside is not higher. 

Switch the setting to 5 degrees lower if you want the air to come on or 5 degrees higher for the heat and see if that triggers your system.

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With frigid Ohio winters, your geothermal system must run at peak performance when you need it. However, if the troubleshooting tips above don’t work, schedule your system for repair and let our technicians have a look.

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