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Heating Maintenance in the Greater Cincinnati Area

A reliable heating system is an absolute must to stay cozy during Cincinnati winters. At National Heating and Air Conditioning, we offer professional heating maintenance to help ensure you’ll enjoy a comfortably heated Cincinnati home all winter, no matter what the weather may bring.

Looking for heating maintenance “near me” in Cincinnati, Blue Ash, Loveland, or surrounding areas?

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What Professional Heating Maintenance Service Includes

Our Cincinnati furnace maintenance service is a tune-up for your heating system and is available for electric and natural gas furnaces, boilers, hybrid heating systems, and other heating equipment.

Usually, heating maintenance is recommended in fall, before winter temperatures set in, to make sure your heating system operates perfectly all season long. While our heating tune-ups may vary slightly from home to home, depending upon the type of heating system a homeowner has, generally, our furnace maintenance checklist includes:

  • Testing the system’s key components, including the thermostat, heat exchange, ignition system or pilot light, and more
  • Removing any blockages and cleaning critical components if needed
  • Inspecting the heating system for worn parts, leaks, or damage
  • Checking electrical connections and tightening them if needed
  • Examining the system for cracks or leaks
  • Checking airflow
  • Lubricating moving parts
  • And more

If your heating maintenance service uncovers more significant issues or damaged parts, we’ll let you know what we find and the best options for fixing the problems. And we’ll be ready to provide any heating repairs you may need to ensure your system is working flawlessly!

Is your furnace due for a check-up? Has it been more than a year since your last heating maintenance service? If so, book a heating tune-up at your Cincinnati-area home by contacting National online or calling (513) 621-4620 today.

Benefits of Annual Heating Maintenance for Cincinnati, OH Homes

Our seasonal preventative furnace maintenance service offers several benefits, including:

  • Minimal heating system breakdowns: Neglected furnaces and heating systems can develop all sorts of problems that, eventually, can lead to a complete system failure. With routine furnace tune-ups, minor issues can be fixed before they cause major damage and sudden system breakdowns.
  • Savings: Well-maintained heating systems will run like new for many years, maintaining their energy efficiency and saving you on utility costs every month! Plus, with fewer system breakdowns, you’ll also be saving on heating repair costs.
  • Longer system service life: A properly maintained furnace can last for months to years longer than a heating system that doesn’t get regular tune-ups. That can mean you get the most out of your heating system investment.
  • Dependable comfort: With furnace maintenance, you’ll get priceless peace of mind that your system is ready to keep your cozy and warm all winter long!

Make sure your heating system runs safely and efficiently! Contact National online or call (513) 621-4620 to schedule your heating tune-up service today.

When Do I Need Heating Maintenance Service?

Now’s the time to schedule heating maintenance service if:

  • You haven’t had a furnace inspection or tune-up within the last 12 months.
  • Your energy bills are increasing for no apparent reason.
  • You notice strange noises or odors coming from the furnace or heating ducts.
  • Your system isn’t working as well as it used to, and parts of your home are uncomfortably cold.
  • Your furnace seems to be short cycling (turning on and off rapidly).
  • You’re considering replacing your furnace.
  • You have questions about your heating system’s performance.

Schedule Heating Maintenance & HVAC Service in Cincinnati, OH

When you need professional heating maintenance service, look no further than the dedicated team at National. Ask about our Cincinnati HVAC maintenance plans, which offer VIP perks, special offers, and pre-scheduling so you’ll never forget to set up your appointment.

Call (513) 621-4620 or contact National online for heating maintenance service in Cincinnati, Loveland, Blue Ash, and surrounding areas.

We also encourage you to check out our outstanding reviews, exclusive promotions, and flexible financing options to see why we’re a leading HVAC company throughout the Cincinnati metro area!

Heating Maintenance FAQs

Which way should the arrow point when changing my air filter?

Whenever you change an air filter, the arrow should be pointing in the direction of the airflow. That means the arrow should be pointing toward the heating unit. (Remember, the filter goes in the air return, which pulls in air for your furnace to heat.) Refer to the manufacturer’s manual to find details regarding air filter changes for your furnace.

How low should I set my thermostat while I’m away from home during the winter?

While setting the thermostat to a lower setting can help you save on your energy bills while away during the winter, it’s important not to set the temperature too low. Setting the thermostat too low can lead to a frozen system. We recommend setting the temperature between 60 and 65 degrees F as a general rule of thumb.

How high should my humidity levels be in my home during the winter?

The recommended humidity level in your home during winter largely depends on the temperature outside. Use the following guideline to find out what the humidity levels in your home should be this winter:

  • < 40º F: 45% humidity
  • < 30º F: 40% humidity
  • < 20º F: 35% humidity
  • < 10º F: 30% humidity
  • < 0º F: 25% humidity
  • < -10º F: 20% humidity
  • < -20ºF: 10% humidity

Why do I need preventive maintenance?

Preventive maintenance is essential for ensuring your system is able to provide the heating power you need to last through the winter. Not only that, but performing routine maintenance on your furnace helps extend the system’s life span, catches repair needs early, and ensures your system is operating at peak efficiency.

When should I schedule maintenance for my heating equipment?

Preventive heating maintenance should be scheduled once annually at the end of summer to help prepare for the coming winter season. By signing up for National Heating & Air Conditioning’s HVAC maintenance plan, you’ll receive unique advantages, including:

  • Priority scheduling
  • Maintenance reminders
  • Warranty protection
  • And more!

Sign up for your maintenance plan today and ensure your system can withstand the winter season.

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