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3 Tips To Fix Water Dripping From Your Air Vents

Mold on ceiling tiles and around ventIt can be concerning if you notice water dripping from your home’s ceiling vents or air ducts. Even the smallest leaks can lead to water damage or mold growth. However, these issues can be fairly common and simple to fix.

In this article, the HVAC experts at National Heating and Air Conditioning discuss the top three reasons for dripping HVAC vents, ways to troubleshoot the issue at home, and when to call for professional service. 

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Condensate Drain Problems

Your air conditioning’s condensate drain collects and removes any water produced during the cooling process. For homeowners who have their system installed in the attic or on the second floor, a condensate drain issue could cause vents to leak.

A common issue with condensate drains is that they can easily be clogged with algae, dirt, minerals, and more. This clog will prevent water from draining properly and cause the drip tray to overflow. While these leaks are no cause for alarm, they should be handled quickly to reduce the risk of water damage in the home.

Homeowners should locate the drip tray on the HVAC system and clean it thoroughly.

Then, unclog the condensate drain line with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, call for professional repairs, and remember to schedule your annual AC maintenance! During a tune-up, a technician can check the condensate drain and ensure there are no clogs to help prevent these issues in the future.

Frozen Coil

Your AC’s evaporator coil carrier refrigerant is used throughout your system to cool your indoor air. On extremely hot days, if your system doesn’t get enough airflow, the coil may not be able to absorb heat from the external air, and instead, the coil will become too cold and freeze. When this coil begins to thaw, it can overwhelm the condensate drain with water, causing leaks.

If you see your coil frozen, grab extra towels to absorb any water during the thawing process. Also, check that the condensate line is clear so that it can drain effectively. Then, call our technicians to determine the root cause of your frozen coil. From clogged air filters to low refrigerant, we’ll handle the issue so these leaks don’t reoccur.

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Condensation in the Air Ducts

The air your HVAC heats or cools travels through your ductwork and into your home. If these ducts are not well insulated, they may accumulate condensation on either the inside or outside. This excess water can then lead to leaks.

We recommend hiring someone to insulate your ductwork or doing it yourself to prevent these issues. Homeowners can use duct insulation or standard fiberglass secured with tape to prevent these condensation issues. If you still have issues after insulation, call for professional assistance to determine if the problem is more complex.

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