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Why Is Water Dripping From My HVAC Vents?

Water leaks are a major concern for any homeowner. If left alone, they can cause significant structural damage and mold growth. Even a minor leak, such as water in an HVAC vent, can have serious consequences. Given that several different issues can cause a ceiling vent or air duct to leak water, here’s a guide on the common causes of HVAC vent leaks-and what to do when you notice them.

Condensate Drain Problems

If your air conditioning system is installed in the attic or on an upper floor, problems with the condensate drain could cause a water overflow from the drip tray. And that water can then travel to the ducts or vents.

The condensate drain system collects water removed from the air during the cooling process and disposes of it into a drain. If the drip tray is leaking or the condensate drain is clogged with algae, dirt, or minerals, water will leak from the system.

To solve the problem yourself, clean the drip tray and check for leaks. Unclog the condensate drain line using a mixture baking of soda and vinegar or a stiff wire.

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Frozen Coil

On extremely hot days, the evaporator coil of an air conditioner can freeze, especially on poorly-maintained systems. After power is cut and the coil begins thawing, the resulting water can overwhelm the condensate drain, allowing it to migrate to the ducts or vents of a system installed in an attic or on an upper floor.

When thawing a coil, have towels ready to absorb excess water, and make sure that the condensate drain is clean.

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Condensation in the Air Ducts

Both in the heating and the cooling season, condensation can form either on the outside or the inside of ducts that are poorly insulated. This is the most common cause of water leaking from the HVAC vents.

If you can access the affected ducts in the attic, basement, or crawl space, you can insulate the ducts yourself using duct insulation or standard fiberglass secured with tape.

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