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Can Insulating the Attic Increase My Home’s Resale Value?

Looking to increasing the resale value of their homes, people often think of the obvious—and often costly—improvements such as an outside deck, improved kitchen design, and new siding. These are all good at increasing resale value, but there is something you can do that costs less and is often an even bigger selling point—insulating your attic.

Benefits of Attic Insulation Installation in Cincinnati

Attic insulation isn’t something that makes your home look better and it isn’t something potential buyers will even know about unless they ask or you mention it. Why, then, is it beneficial for resale value?

Heat rises. That is a fact we all can agree on. This being the case, an uninsulated attic sees the heat of your home rising and exiting through the attic roof and walls. This means it takes more heat to keep the lower floors warm. It also means the heating system needs to work harder and longer. This all adds up to increased energy costs and the necessity for more repairs or replacements on heating equipment.

By taking the time to have your attic insulated, you decrease energy use, save wear and tear on the furnace and end up saving money. This in itself is a strong selling point as buyers are always looking for things that will help them save money.

Save Your Roof

Replacing a roof can be a very expensive project. If your attic is not insulated, the chance your roof will need repaired or replaced in the near future is increased, especially in areas like Cincinnati, where winters can be brutal.

As snow and ice coat a roof, an uninsulated attic allows the heat from inside to melt it. This, in turn, keeps the roof moist and often allows leaking to develop with the constant cold/heat cycle. People looking to purchase a new home are going to consider roof condition and a leaking roof is normally a deal-breaker. By insulating the attic, you prevent this constant change in temperature and the condition of the roof remains good for a lot longer.

Whole-Home Energy Performance Contractors in Cincinnati

In the Cincinnati area, National Heating & Air Conditioning stands out as the leader in attic insulation installation. Whether you are looking for a way to increase the resell value of your home or simply trying to find a way to decrease your own energy costs, consider giving us a call and see what we can do to help you!


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