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Help, My Boiler Is Making Weird Noises!

Fixing Noisy Boilers with National Heating and Air Conditioning

When a boiler is upset, you’re sure to know about it. Have you recently heard loud, disparaging clunking noises or anxiety-inducing banging or gurgling sounds from your boiler?

With a little advice about how boilers work, you can be on your way to relaxing again in a warm and quiet home. At National Heating and Air Conditioning, we provide boiler repair, maintenance and installation to solve all of your heating and cooling needs in Cincinnati, Ohio and nearby.

If your boiler is giving you trouble, contact us today at (513) 621-4620! Our professional boiler services can help restore your noisy boiler to the powerful heating system you rely on in your home.

Why Is My Boiler Making Weird Noises?

If your boiler sounds like the encore of a Grateful Dead concert when you turn it on, you may need boiler repair or maintenance. The first step to determining why your boiler isn’t working the way it should be is to ask what type of sound it is making:

  • Clunking and Banging Noises? These loud and surprising sounds are often referred to as kettling noises, which occur when limescale or corrosion debris accumulate on the heat exchanger and block the safe travel of water. This can be dangerous, as water steams and expands inside the unit with nowhere to go.
  • Whistling Noises? If your boiler is whistling, it could also be caused by kettling, or by trapped air within the system. Fortunately, the solution may be as simple as releasing the trapped air and discovering what caused the air to become trapped inside the boiler in the first place.
  • Gurgling Noises? Is your boiler struggling to heat parts of your home? Gurgling sounds could have several causes, such as air in the system, blockages at the bottom of the boiler, or you may have a frozen condensate pipe that will need to be thawed to work properly.

Our experts at National Heating and Cooling are just a phone call away-(513) 621-4620!

How Do I Know If My Boiler Is Unsafe?

Because boilers contain hot, pressurized liquids and gases, it is important never to ignore signs of damage or disrepair or to put off scheduling a consultation. If your boiler has been making strange noises, or if you can’t remember the last time it has been serviced, contact us today.

We will work with you to inspect, repair, or prevent the following issues:

  • Significantly reduced boiler efficiency
  • Ongoing buildup of internal debris and limescale
  • Long-term interior deterioration
  • Dangerous boiler explosion

Not all symptoms of boiler damage or disrepair are obvious. If you have noticed a change in your home heating or are experiencing strange noises coming from your boiler, please call us at (513) 621-4620 for professional heating and cooling services in Cincinnati, OH and nearby.

Boiler Repair And Maintenance in Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati winters are often hard to predict. And while it rarely stays below zero for very long, it’s best to prepare for when cold, ice, and snow enter the forecast. Our experts at National Heating and Air Conditioning can help you stay warm this winter by solving the following boiler problems:

  • Unusually high heating costs
  • Poor heating or lack of hot water
  • Leaking and dripping
  • Loud or unsettling “kettling” noises

If you need to repair, install, or replace a furnace, boiler, or air-conditioner in Cincinnati, choose an HVAC contractor you can trust. With premier services in air conditioning, heating, energy audits, home automation, and more, we bring the best HVAC resources to you home.

At National Heating and Air Conditioning we’re proud to serve our local communities with premier services in commercial and residential heating and cooling. Contact us now!


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