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Indoor Air Quality and Your Health

Have you been feeling sluggish lately? Does it seem like you’re always sneezing or coughing when you’re hanging around inside your home? If these or other similar symptoms have been getting you down lately, it may have less to do with the onset of winter and more to do with the quality of your home’s air. Indoor air quality is something that a lot of Cincinnati homeowners don’t think about, yet the impact it can have on our daily lives is undeniable.

According to the World Green Building Council, improving the quality of the air within a building can increase productivity at a rate of approximately 10%. Are you ready to take the air in your home to the next level? National is here to help.

Causes of Poor Indoor Air Quality

While it may be necessary to treat symptoms accordingly if you have indoor air quality issues, it’s important to understand that this won’t actually cure the problem. Remedying indoor air quality issues starts by discovering where they’re coming from, and there are a few common places to look.

Many contractors will first look at insulation within a home when determining what is causing an indoor air quality issue. Dirty, old and thin insulation can contribute to the problem to a large extent, and a lack of air sealing makes things even worse considering how outside air can enter the home under such circumstances. This can also contribute to moisture entering into your home, which can lead to a buildup of mold that can affect air quality.

Another common cause of poor indoor air quality is a faulty HVAC system. Old, inefficient heating systems can get clogged over time, and if they’re not cleaned regularly, there’s no telling what they might be pushing into the air you and your family breathe. Add to this the dangers of carbon monoxide emissions, and it’s no wonder why many Cincinnati residents are taking steps towards replacing their old HVAC systems with newer, energy-efficient heating units.

National is Here to Help

With the onset of winter approaching, we can expect to be spending a lot more time indoors during the coming months. The team at National understands indoor air quality to the fullest extent, and we’re here to help ensure that your home is a safe, comfortable place to live.

Don’t let poor indoor air quality affect the health of you and your family. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule an appointment.


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