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Go Green: How to Choose the Best AC Unit for an Eco-Friendly Home

Lately, many homeowners in Cincinnati are looking for an eco-friendlier AC unit to have installed in their home. They are also looking for alternative ways of conserving energy and reducing greenhouse gas contribution. Because an AC unit is one appliance in a home that consumes the most energy, it is important that you go with an effective and eco-friendly brand.

An air conditioner can cool an entire room regardless of how hot it is outside. In fact, it is the appliance that uses the most energy out of all other appliances and one that creates the most amounts of greenhouse gases. The good news though is that there are ways to minimize the amount of energy you use, reduce the amount of emission of these environmental gases, and not compromise your comfort while doing so.

Follow these tips to help stay cool in the hot months—and help promote the environment at the same time—by using an AC system that is eco-friendly.

To install an eco-friendly air conditioner in the Cincinnati area, contact us online today!

Go with High SEER or ENERGY STAR® Labeling

The significance and importance of the SEER and ENERGY STAR® label is high. AC units that have these types of ratings and certifications use up to 50% less energy than other units. By selecting this kind of system, you can save more money on energy bills and reduce your energy consumption. You will find a thermostat and timer on these types of eco-friendly units that can help you set the temperature of your system.

Choose the Right Size System

One characteristic to look for is your air conditioning size. Going with a size that is too small will only overwork your system and waste energy, which will in turn increase your utility bill. A unit that is too small does not have the capability to balance the air that is being cooled inside the system’s condenser along with the humid air that is expended and drawn out from the evaporator.

Your National Heating & Air Conditioning technician will measure your home’s cooling load in order to recommend the best unit for your needs. If you need assistance selecting the best AC unit for your Cincinnati home, contact us today!

Install a Unit with Two-Stage Compressors

It is the AC compressor that will normally use the most electricity. Compressors work fairly hard squeezing out heated vapors so the refrigerant can return to a cooled state. The two-stage compressor compresses less on cooler days automatically and more when it is hotter which will save energy.

Consider Programmable Thermostats

Having a programmable thermostat installed is a very affordable way to make an AC system green. You can easily program the thermostat to stay off when you do not plan on being home and then turn on automatically to cool your home right before you get home for the day.

Invest in Regular Maintenance

You should have your AC unit inspected and serviced at least once yearly by a professional HVAC contractor. Servicing will usually involve checking for leaks, testing refrigerant pressure, and checking the unit’s air flow. The HVAC professional will also suggest any modifications that will increase the efficiency of your system.

Air Conditioner Installation in Cincinnati

Are you interested in installing an eco-friendly air conditioner or programmable thermostat in Cincinnati? The experts at National Heating & Air Conditioning can help. Contact us now!


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