Attic Insulation

National Heating and Air Conditioning offers attic insulation installation throughout the Cincinnati metro region. If your home suffers from high energy bills or uncomfortable, drafty or stuffy rooms, it may be in need of an attic insulation upgrade.

Do you need an attic insulation upgrade?

Attic insulation is one of the essential components of a comfortable, energy efficient home. Unfortunately, many of North America’s buildings currently have attic insulation that is insufficient, or that has settled over time, or that has otherwise been compromised so that it doesn’t perform as well as it was intended to during manufacturing.

During an attic insulation upgrade with National, our trained “whole-house” experts will assess current levels of insulation and work with you to determine the best attic insulation options for your home. We pair all of our insulation upgrades with air sealing efforts in order to maximize the effectiveness of insulation (insulation without air sealing is like wearing an unzipped coat on a cold day – it doesn’t work), and take care to ensure that installation is completed to the highest work standards. Most contractors falsely believe that it’s enough to simply through some additional insulation into the attic and call it good. This isn’t the case, as adding insulation without air sealing first will not stop air movement.

Why is it necessary?

Air rises as it’s heated in the living space, eventually leaking through leaks into the attic and out into the cold. By air sealing the attic, and combining those air sealing efforts with improved insulation, you can limit that air movement and reduce the transfer of heat. While wall insulation is certainly important, it is this so-called “stack effect” of air movement in buildings that makes the attic a crucial area for insulation in a house.

Why choose National?

National Heating & Air Conditioning has been keeping Cincinnati comfortable for more than 80 years. As “whole house” experts on building performance, we take a holistic view of your home to ensure that your energy savings goals are being met. We will work within your budget to achieve these energy savings and comfort goals, and offer a number of different insulation materials and solutions to maximize cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

For more information about how attic insulation can improve your home’s comfort and energy efficiency, or to schedule an upgrade today, give us a call!

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