Emergency Heating Repair Service in Cincinnati

When cool weather sets in, you need a heating system you can count on. However, every furnace, heat pump, or boiler is bound to require service at some point—especially if it hasn’t been tuned up in a while. Heating units break down when they are being used the most, which means that you risk the chance of yours breaking down when you truly need it, and not having it can turn into an emergency. In the Cincinnati area, that is the cold of winter, when waiting for a convenient time to contact an HVAC contractor is rarely an option. Luckily, with the help of National Heating and Air Conditioning, you won’t have to!

If you need emergency furnace, heat pump, geothermal system, or boiler service in Cincinnati, contact National Heating and Air Conditioning. You need your heating system to work 24/7, and for that reason, we will, too! Call us at 513-399-5757 now.

Emergency Heating Service

National Heating and Air Conditioning understands that winters in Cincinnati do not allow for waiting a few days or a week for someone to repair a failed heating unit. Our emergency HVAC repair service is available whenever you need it. We understand that winter weather can become so cold that a failed furnace can result in dangerously cold conditions within your home. Our mission is to make sure that doesn’t happen. Not only will we be there to take care of your emergency furnace , heat pump, geothermal system, or boiler repairs, but we will also discuss with you preventative maintenance and tune-up steps you can take to reduce the chance of it happening in the future.

National Heating and Air Conditioning isn’t your average Cincinnati HVAC company. We put as much time and care into our emergency repairs as we do into those made during regular business hours. If you need emergency heating repair service, call us at 513-399-5757!

When to Call for Emergency Heating Repair

How do you know if your situation truly calls for emergency service? If it’s the dead of winter and your furnace breaks down in any way, it’s an emergency. However, if the weather is simply cold and not freezing yet, issues may need to be addressed, but can wait for repair during traditional business hours. Sometimes, however, problems are serious enough to justify an emergency repair, including:

  • The system produces no heat – If your heating system will only blow cold air or won’t turn on altogether, you shouldn’t panic—but you should get help right away! First, ensure that the system is receiving power and the thermostat is set to “heat.” If that doesn’t help you with the problem, call a Cincinnati HVAC emergency repair company immediately.
  • The system runs constantly but doesn’t produce enough heat – Sometimes a system can be running, yet the temperature continues to drop.  This isn’t a great sign, and to prevent your house from becoming uncomfortably cold, you should call a heating contractor in Cincinnati sooner as soon as you’re able to.
  • The system shuts off prematurely – Your furnace, heat pump, geothermal system, or boiler should run until it reaches the target temperature. Ir could be overheating if it shuts off prematurely. First, try to restore good air flow by changing the air filter. If this doesn’t solve the problem, an internal problem could require emergency repair service.
  • The pilot light has burned out – Older furnaces use a burning pilot light to ignite the system’s burners. If your pilot light has burned out, relighting it can be a bit tricky. A heating contractor can help you.

National works differently than many other companies. The difference isn’t in our skill and experience, it is our attitude. You are never treated in a manner any less than what we expect for our own families. Your needs, whether they occur on Monday morning or Christmas Eve, are addressed immediately when an emergency repair is in order. Call us at 513-399-5757 if you need emergency heating service now!

Cincinnati, OH Emergency HVAC Company

There are many HVAC companies in Cincinnati, but National Heating and Air Conditioning has the experience and trained staff that can guarantee the quality of service you receive. If you are facing an emergency furnace, heat pump, geothermal system, or boiler repair, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. We can have your home warm and cozy in a short time, allowing you to enjoy your winter from inside a comfortable home. We will also work with you to help initiate a maintenance schedule that will help prevent future emergencies with your heating unit. Call us now—513-399-5757!

Our Emergency HVAC Service Area

We service the following cities and the surrounding areas: Cincinnati, Loveland, Mason, Montgomery, Indian Hill, Fairfield, Hamilton, Blue Ash, Madeira, Maineville, West Chester, Milford, Lebanon, and Morrow, Ohio.

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