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Once a rarity, geothermal heating systems have become more common, thanks in part to new heat pump technologies and the availability of many government rebates and financial incentives. Geothermal systems take advantage of the constant temperature of the earth at depth to heat and cool your home more economically than other alternatives.

At National Heating and Air Conditioning, we have extensive experience with geothermal heating systems in Cincinnati, and we offer routine maintenance, repairs, replacements, and installations throughout the local area. With over 80 years of experience, you can trust us for all your heating and cooling needs!

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Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, National Heating and Air Conditioning provides geothermal heat pump and heating services in and around the areas of Bond Hill, Covington, Evanston, Finneytown, Idlewood, Norwood, Oakley Square, Reading, and beyond.

How a Geothermal HVAC System Works

A geothermal system works like a standard heat pump, moving heat from one area to another using refrigerant and a compressor. Instead of air, geothermal heating systems use a ground loop as a heat source or heat sink.

In the winter, heat is extracted from the ground loop through a heat exchanger, warming the refrigerant in the heat pump and heating the indoor air. In the summer heat is extracted from the indoor air by the geothermal heat pump system and transferred through the heat exchanger to the ground loop.

Most geothermal heating and cooling systems use a closed ground loop, which is a series of pipes that circulate a special heat-transfer fluid. The most common ground loops include:

  • Horizontal Ground Loop:Pipes are laid out at a shallow depth in a horizontal excavation. This configuration requires more space, but is economical.
  • Vertical Ground Loop:Pipes installed in vertically-bored holes. This solution takes less surface area, but is costly.
  • Pond/Lake Loop:Pipes are laid at the bottom of a pond or lake. This system is inexpensive, but requires access to nearby water.

For a geothermal heating and cooling system, the ground loop is typically the most expensive part of installing the system, but it lasts for decades.

For more information about geothermal systems, talk to our team at National Heating and Air Conditioning today!

Benefits of Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Thanks to their unique design, geothermal heating systems offer many benefits, including:

  • Highly-efficient heating and cooling
  • No fuel usage and low environmental impact
  • No need for expensive supplemental heating
  • Relatively simple heat pump maintenance

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Geothermal Air Conditioner Maintenance

Like any heating system, routine maintenance is the key to keeping a geothermal heating system running at peak efficiency and extending its lifespan. This typically includes things like changing the air filter, cleaning the air handler, and checking refrigerant levels.

At National Heating and Air Conditioning, we can handle all the maintenance needs of your geothermal heating system, and we feature highly-experienced, NATE-certified technicians that will keep your system running at peak efficiency. With a well-maintained system, not only will you be more comfortable, but you will save money on your utility bills, as well!

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Geothermal System Repair

Over time, typical wear in your geothermal heating system will cause components like the compressor, system fans, or blower motor to fail, requiring repairs. At National Heating and Air Conditioning, we can handle all your repairs, from replacing the fan belt to changing filters or replacing the compressor. Our technicians will diagnose your system quickly and give you the best heating and cooling repair options for your needs and your budget.

Contact us today for affordable, reliable repairs on your geothermal heating and cooling system. We also offer emergency HVAC services!

Geothermal HVAC System Installation & Replacement

When your heating system becomes too expensive to operate or needs several major components repaired at once, scheduling a geothermal heat pump installation to replace your existing unit may be the best option.

Our team at National Heating and Air Conditioning can quickly and efficiently replace your heat pump with a new model, which will be trouble-free and more efficient.

We can also handle completely new geothermal heat pump installations, from installing the ground loop, to adding the ductwork and installing the system itself.

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Geothermal heating systems are a great way to both heat and cool your home in a way that is economic and environmentally-friendly. At National Heating and Air Conditioning, we can handle all your geothermal heating system needs, from maintenance to new installations.

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Our Geothermal Service Area

We service the following cities and surrounding areas of Cincinnati, Ohio: Bond Hill, Cincinnati, Covington, Evanston, Finneytown, Idlewood, Norwood, Oakley Square, and Reading. If you live in or near these areas, please give us a call or contact us online for heat pump, heating, or other HVAC services today!

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