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Heat Pump Maintenance in Cincinnati

How well is the heat pump in your Cincinnati home running? If you have not been giving much attention to your heat pump system and regular maintenance, it may be suffering. Even if you own the most efficient heat pump on the market, but neglect maintenance, you are going to struggle with inefficiencies. Keep reading to learn how National Heating and Air Conditioning can assist you with your heat pump maintenance to ensure your system is running as efficiently as possible.

Why Heat Pumps Need Maintenance

Every day, your heat pump works hard to both heat and cool your home. Proper heat pump operation involves moving parts and the flow of coolant. Over time, that operation can create wear and tear on the system, while leaks can cause coolant to be lost. In addition, dirt and debris can build up on the system and in the air filter, causing the system to run less efficiently. Heat pump maintenance addresses these issues to both preserve heat pump efficiency and improve the potential lifespan of the system.

Does your heat pump need a little TLC? Call National Heating and Air Conditioning at (513) 621-4620 to schedule service!

Benefits of Heat Pump Tune-Ups

At National Heating and Air Conditioning, we understand that it’s hard to call for maintenance when your system is running well. However, we want you to understand the benefits of heat pump service checks, which include:

  • Improved heat pump efficiency
  • Reduced number of calls for repairs
  • Improved lifespan of the system
  • Improved comfort in your home

If you want to ensure that your family stays comfortable, reduce the likelihood that your system will fail and improve the overall efficiency of your heat pump system, then you need to call for a maintenance check. We recommend that you schedule these tune-ups twice a year, once in the start of the cooling season and once in the start of the heating season.

Is it time for you to enjoy these benefits? Contact us today!

Schedule Your Heat Pump Inspection Today

If you are ready to schedule your bi-annual heat pump maintenance, then it’s time to give National Heating and Air Conditioning a call. We have over 80 years in the heating and cooling industry, and our technicians know heat pumps inside and out. We will thoroughly inspect the system to ensure it is functioning as it should, then make recommendations for any repairs you may want to consider in the near future. We will also clean and optimize the system to ensure it is working at its most efficient and effective level.

Don’t neglect your heat pump any longer. It works hard to keep your family comfortable. Give it the service it needs by calling Cincinnati’s leading HVAC company, National Heating and Air Conditioning, today at (513) 621-4620!

Our Heat Pump Service Area

We service the following cities and surrounding areas of Cincinnati, Ohio: Bond Hill, Cincinnati, Covington, Evanston, Finneytown, Idlewood, Norwood, Oakley Square, and Reading. If you live in or near these areas, please give us a call or contact us online for HVAC services today!

See What People Are Saying About Us

"This company is always friendly and on time. They work hard and always tell me what they think they need to do before they do it. They clean up well after the job is done."

Jenny, Cincinnati

"Keith, Dave, and Randy arrived on time. They were very thorough with explaining all of our new equipment. My family and I could not be mored pleased with National Heating and Air and their employees. I am a very happy..."

Erin, Cincinnati

"Sales and installation was on time, thorough, completed on time and did a quality job at a very reasonable price. Two weeks after we are completely satisfied."

James H., Cincinnati

"This company was wonderful! They even called before they came to ask if they could bring me anything!!! The technician was very thorough and very courteous. I will use them as my heating and air conditioning company loyally. In fact,..."

Customer, Mainville

"I was told by my previous contractor about the possible cost of repairing my 12-year old heat pump and decided a new one was desirable. They gave me a quote and I contacted two additional contractors including National. The rep..."

Pete, Cincinnati

"They do boilers as well and I think they do a great job.  I’ve had other people come out to do the work and they settled with it, but it didn’t work very well... I had National Heating & Air..."

Carol, Cincinnati

"National Heating and Air Conditioning were excellent. They arrived within 30 minutes of request, very professional, courteous and thorough. The job was completed on time too."

James, Cincinnati

"The installation team arrived on time, installed the heat pump and blowers in an efficient and timely manner.  They took care not to soil any carpets etc. and completed the job in a day as scheduled.  Totally satisfied with this.."

Peter, Cincinnati

"Their technician Dave was knowledgable, professional, and friendly - and arrived within 30 minutes. Scott's analysis was on target and Dave was able to fix and service my unit in about 45 mins. I would recommend National without hesitation. Thanks..."

Miguel, Cincinnati

"Steve, sales very knowledgeable and friendly, took the time to sell us a new unit. Felt we were buying unit for our house. National showed up next week and installed in a day. Very professional, curious and timely. Absolutely recommended!"

Justin, Cincinnati

"Keith was on time & finished the job 1 and half hour earlier than expected. Worked hard & cleaned up after he was done. Very polite & very professional. Did a good job."

Karen & Randy, Cincinnati
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