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Heating & Air Conditioning Services in Hamilton, Ohio

There is nothing worse than a broken or damaged HVAC system, except maybe the waiting process to have a technician come to take a look. As one of the best HVAC companies in Cincinnati, National Heating and Air Conditioning has been servicing Hamilton with fast, reliable services since 1930!

Contact National Heating and Air Conditioning today or call us at (513) 621-4620! Ask us about our wide range of heating and cooling services in Hamilton, OH!

Hamilton Air Conditioning Services

Our services in air conditioning installation, maintenance, and repair can be an excellent match for your goals of improving the energy efficiency of your home and saving more on each monthly energy bill.

We offer top-notch air conditioning services for systems such as Bryant®, the leading manufacturer of energy-efficient home heating and cooling products. Our skilled technicians are also trained in the following air conditioning services:

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AC Repair

Is your air conditioner giving you trouble? Whether it’s performing inadequately or completely nonfunctional, don’t worry just yet. Many air conditioner problems can be repaired quickly and painlessly, without the need for a full replacement. Here are a few common signs that your air conditioner needs repair services:

  • The air isn’t cold. This can be any number of things, but all of them require repair — even if it gets better on its own.
  • Little or no air is blowing. Your filter or ducts might be blocked, you might have serious leaks, or you might not have any air blowing at the source due to motor failures.
  • Coils are freezing. This is usually a result of drainage problems and running your machine hard. It shouldn’t be ignored even after it thaws!
  • Leaks and condensation causing damage. Drainage from your system should never be causing trouble — and refrigerant should never be leaking at all.
  • Really high energy bills for no reason. Bills going up without added use? You might need a tune-up or repairs.
  • Constant running or short-cycling. This can be a result of a new problem, sizing issues, or thermostat trouble.
  • Unusual noises. New sounds from your air conditioner? Investigate before it becomes a more serious problem.
  • High humidity. Your AC should cut humidity while it runs; if it doesn’t, something isn’t working correctly.

Heating Services in Hamilton

Is it almost time for another winter in Hamilton already? Winters can be harsh, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying the comfort of your home. At National Heating and Air Conditioning, we offer top-notch services from furnace installation or replacement to preventive maintenance and repair. Our heating services include:

Do you need to maintenance, repair, or install a heating system in the Hamilton area? Contact National Heating and Air Conditioning today!

Heating Repair

Having heating problems? Whether you’re fighting a thermostat that doesn’t seem reliable, can’t get enough heat to keep your home safe, or have terrible air quality out of nowhere, the sooner you tackle any heating and cooling problem, the less money it’s likely to cost you. If any of these heating troubles plague your system, it’s time to call our team for repairs:

  • Strange smells. Strange smells are always a sign of trouble. In the case of gas smells from a furnace, take emergency precautions immediately.
  • Weird noises. A furnace that starts to bang, fans that become noisy or squeaky, and other new noises always indicate trouble.
  • Poor air quality. A sudden drop in air quality coming from your heating system can be a sign of serious problems with your system, problems with your vents, or filter issues.
  • Pilot light problems. Is your pilot light flickering, yellow, or going off regularly? Time for repairs.
  • Constant running or cycling. As with your AC, a heating system that runs nonstop or cuts on and off frequently isn’t performing correctly.
  • No air blowing. This can be a sign of filter, duct, or blower issues.
  • Cool or lukewarm air blowing. Furnace heat should be consistent; if it’s lukewarm (after warming your ducts up), it’s probably a sign of a problem.

Schedule HVAC Services in Hamilton

At National Heating and Air Conditioning, we offer great prices on high-quality HVAC services. Our heating and air conditioning experts understand that every home is different, and the HVAC system should be treated accordingly. We strive for quality and reliability to keep your home comfortable throughout the years.

To schedule HVAC repair or installation services in Hamilton, Ohio, contact us online or call us at (513) 621-4620!


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