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Why Does My Heat Pump Run Constantly?

Heat Pump Repair & Troubleshooting

heat pump is an efficient, hardworking alternative to a more traditional HVAC system, and its unique operation and capabilities can take some getting used to.

One of the most common concerns from homeowners is that their heat pump is constantly running, and if you are among those who have experienced this issue, read on to learn why it happens and when you need to call for heat pump repair.

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Why Heat Pump Short Cycling Is a Problem 

A heat pump is designed to run longer at a lower temperature output, especially during very hot or very cold days. However, if your heat pump won’t stop turning on and off constantly, the equipment is short-cycling.

When your heat pump is stuck short-cycling, your energy costs will climb through the roof and your heat pump will struggle to maintain the desired temperature in your home.

Possible reasons for heat pump problems such as short-cycling include:

Broken Thermostat

Programming the thermostat too high in the winter or too low in the summer forces the heat pump to work overtime to achieve the desired setpoint. Before you call for repair, check the settings to make sure they are suitable for the season and that the unit is not set to “Emergency Heat” mode. If this does not solve the problem, the thermostat may be malfunctioning and need to be replaced, or the connection between the heat pump and thermostat may be faulty.

Dirty Air Filter

An air filter is an integral part of every HVAC system, contributing to the quality of your indoor air and ensuring the cleanliness and integrity of the system components. When the air filter becomes clogged, it allows particles to continue on through the cycle while hampering airflow that is critical to the heating or cooling process. Be sure to check the air filter before calling for heat pump repair and replace as needed.

Damaged Contactor

During routine annual heat pump maintenance, the technician inspects the entire unit looking for signs of wear. Over time the compressor contactor may become damaged or worn and fail to regulate the distribution of power to the heat pump, causing it to run indefinitely.

Malfunctioning Condensate Pump

The condensate pump is responsible for pumping the water generated by the heat pump, and if it malfunctions, the system may exhibit unusual behavior. The pump may have become disconnected or it may need to be replaced.

Loss of Power to the Outside Unit

Check to see if the outside unit is operational, and if not, try adjusting the thermostat to see if it will turn on. If that doesn’t work, locate the breaker to see if the circuit has blown or tripped. Reset it if needed, but if it trips again, leave the heat pump off and call for service. If neither solution resolves the problem, call for professional heat pump repair.

Heat Pump Repair in Cincinnati, OH

Trust the experienced professionals at National Heating and Air Conditioning for reliable heat pump services including installations, maintenance, and repairs. We offer services for all of your HVAC needs!

Are you looking for heat pump repair services near Cincinnati, OH? Call us today at (513) 621-4620 or contact us online!


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