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Is It Worth Investing in a Smart Thermostat?

The heat of summer is the best time to efficiently control your HVAC system’s operation. A smart thermostat, or Wi-Fi thermostat, can not only help you stay cool and comfortable, but also help you save money on your electric bill by only running your AC when it’s needed rather than all day when no one is home.

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Traditional Thermostat vs. Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat has the ability to actively learn your household’s patterns and adjust how your system cools and heats your home based on that data. This enables you to save on your utility costs by only cooling or heating your home when someone is home, or about to arrive. Traditional programmable thermostats can also control your HVAC system on a schedule, but you are required to determine that schedule and manually input it into the thermostat, then adjust the settings any time your schedule changes. Smart thermostats, like an ecobee3, simplify the programming process by doing most of it automatically. 

How Do Smart Thermostats Work?

Smart thermostats connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network and can allow you to adjust settings using your smartphone, computer, or home automation device as well as the thermostat itself. This allows you to conveniently adjust the temperature before you arrive home, or without needing to actually get up and approach the thermostat. Smart thermostats also provide historical usage data that allows you to monitor how often your system runs and the associated energy use. One of the most noteworthy (and convenient) features is your smart thermostat’s ability to learn your habits and make adjustments based on that information. The ecobee3, for example, is able to learn the schedule of when you’re away from your home, as well as your comfort preferences throughout the day, without the need for manual programming.

Benefits of Smart Thermostats

  • Reduced utility bills
  • Easily monitor your energy usage
  • Manage your thermostat remotely
  • Simple HVAC scheduling to suit your individual needs

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National Heating and Air Conditioning takes a unique approach to HVAC service to maximize our customers’ satisfaction. Our highly trained technicians will thoroughly analyze your home before and after each project to ensure that each of your expectations has been met, and we offer a “100% Right or 100% Free” guarantee on all installations and services.

Our exceptional approach to customer service begins before our technicians even arrive at your home. Once you schedule your heating, cooling, or ventilation appointment, you will receive an email with information about the technician scheduled to perform your service, including a photo, a short biography, specializations and certifications, as well as a confirmation of your appointment time and type of service. We think this distinctive approach allows our customers to get to know their technician ahead of time and provides a more personalized experience. We also offer financing options for residential customers and can assist you with any paperwork to claim rebates and other available incentives.

If you’re ready to save money on utility bills and simplify your heating and cooling systems with a smart thermostat, contact National at (513) 621-4620 today!

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