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Is Air Conditioner Maintenance Necessary?

As a homeowner, it’s important to perform certain routine maintenance for various systems and areas of your home. Just like you would periodically change the oil and rotate the tires of your car, there are many responsibilities that come with owning a home.

There’s never a shortage of things to do when it comes to home maintenance. Many homeowners may be tempted to skip some tasks to try and save time and/or money. But should the routine maintenance for your air conditioner be on the skip list? The answer is a resounding: NO!

Here’s what needs to be serviced and why.

The Necessities

There are a few simple things you can do on your own as routine maintenance for your air conditioning. But, from time to time, it’s important to call in a qualified HVAC professional to perform critical in-depth maintenance and inspections. Here’s what you should check routinely.


Of course, you know about the importance of pulling the air filter out of your air conditioner and cleaning it periodically. If you are like most, there has been a time or two when we have failed to clean it often enough and end up spending extra time cleaning it while vowing to never let it go that long between cleanings again.

Your filters will need to be cleaned every two to three months. Of course, they will need a cleaning more frequently if you own furry pets, or if there’s a lot of dust in the environment, or when the system is being used constantly.

Coils and Coil Fins

Over time, your air conditioner’s condenser and evaporator coils will accumulate dust and dirt through use. The filter’s functions include helping to slow this process down, but it can’t completely prevent the accumulation. These coils need adequate airflow to perform efficiently, and the dust and dirt accumulation keeps these parts from doing their most basic job.

These coils use aluminum fins to maximize their airflow, but these can be easily bent creating a blockage. It’s important to make sure there are no folds, creases, or bends and dents in these fins to allow for proper airflow around the coils.

Drain Channels

Your air conditioning needs a place to drain the moisture that it collects from the air. If these channels are clogged, your system won’t be able to pull any more moisture from the air, and so you may need to look for the best plumbers near me who have HVAC experience to deal with this. If it’s clogged for a long time, the extra moisture may cause discolored walls and carpets.

Hiring a Professional

It’s important to hire a professional to schedule a professional inspection and routine maintenance at least once a year. A qualified pro will be able to spot minor issues that may turn into major problems down the road. Your technician will also handle the important elements like:

  • Refrigerant levels
  • Leak checks
  • Electrical system
  • Wear and tear on internal parts
  • Thermostat accuracy

AC Tune-Ups in Cincinnati

In general, an air conditioning system can last you anywhere from eight to 10 years depending on use and how well it’s maintained. Poor maintenance is one of the leading causes of system failures. With routine maintenance, your system’s lifespan can be lengthened by at least a few years.

If you’d like the help of a professional for an air conditioner inspection and tune-up in Cincinnati, contact National Heating and Air Conditioning!


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