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6 New Year’s Resolutions for Your HVAC System

New year, new you! It’s that time of year when we all can recommit ourselves to putting our best foot forward.

Set a new standard for yourself and your home’s heating and air conditioning when you consider these seven New Year’s resolutions for your HVAC system. Let’s get started.

Resolution 1: Change Your System’s Air Filter

The easiest and most important resolution you can make for your HVAC is vowing to replace your air filter at regular intervals. Starting this January, switch out your old air filter with a fresh one and mark the day you changed it on your calendar.

In general, follow the replacement schedule outlined below for your heating and air conditioning:

  • Peak summer/winter: Replace filters once per month.
  • Spring/fall: Replace filters every three months.

When HVAC systems are in higher demand during the summer and winter, more residue is likely to build up in your air filters, requiring a more rigorous replacement schedule. During milder seasons, like spring and fall, you can get away with swapping your air filter out every three months.

Resolution 2: Schedule Preventative Maintenance

Sticking to routine maintenance is a must for keeping your HVAC running smoothly. National Heating and Air Conditioning recommends scheduling routine maintenance once a year.

However, maintenance needs can fluctuate depending on how often your systems are in use. Particularly, if you notice a sudden spike in your energy bills or are experiencing poor system performance, a professional maintenance check can help you avoid the cost of unnecessary repairs and replacements in the future.

Resolution 3: Consider Smart Thermostat Installation

Manual thermostats are so 2019. While a smart thermostat might cost a pretty penny up-front, the energy savings this modern upgrade provides more than make up for your initial investment.

Many smart thermostats provide you with the option to set scheduled temperature changes for your family, meaning your HVAC will only operate when you need it. National’s team offers a wide range of smart thermostat options designed to help you stay comfortable without breaking the bank.

Resolution 4: Make Improvements to Insulation

While your home may be equipped with an excellent HVAC system, making improvements to your insulation will help improve its impact on your comfort. Consider adding rubber weather stripping around doors and windows to protect against thermal transfer and draftiness.

Resolution 5: Focus on Your Indoor Air Quality

Did you know your home’s indoor air quality can be just as polluted as the air outdoors? Being diligent about changing your HVAC system’s air filter can go a long way in helping combat unwanted dust, debris, bacteria, and allergens.

However, adding a mechanical ventilation system can provide you with additional improvements to your home’s indoor air quality. With a mechanical ventilation unit, you can quickly and efficiently remove stale air from your living space and replace it with fresh air so you and your family can breathe easier.

Resolution 6: Have Your Ducts Cleaned

While you’re focusing on your home’s indoor air quality, you may want to schedule professional duct cleaning services. Not only will this help eliminate any lingering dust and debris from your system, but it can increase your HVAC’s longevity and improve its overall performance.

Schedule HVAC Service in Cincinnati, OH

The best resolution you can make for your home’s HVAC system is scheduling service with the team at National. Offering everything from heating and air conditioning to smart thermostats and mechanical ventilation, our team has everything you need to keep your promises to your home’s HVAC.

Call National at (513) 621-4620 or schedule service online to start making good on your New Year’s resolutions today!

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