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How To Maintain Your AC Unit During The Off Season

Your AC unit has worked hard all summer long and now it gets a break. How do you take care of your unit during winter? There are a few things you should do to take care of the AC unit during those off season times. These will help you be ready once those hot days arrive again.

Clean the Filters

Keeping your air filters clean is important whether you are using the AC or not. This is easy to do and will help you to make sure your unit is efficient at all times. If the filters are dirty it can cause your unit to freeze up.

Seal Window Frames

If you have a window unit you want to make sure the seals around the window and unit are sealed. This will help your air from leaking out of the home. This is a place that can cause you to lose your heat or air when you are running it in the home. Keep your energy in your home by making sure all the seals are tight and replaced when leaking.

Remove Debris From Outside AC Unit

Make sure that you are taking care of the outside unit. If there is any debris or items outside and around the unit it can cause the unit problems. Keep the area around the unit clean and free of any items. It gives the unit room to breathe and work properly.

Coil Cleaning

Just as with your filters in the AC unit need to be clean your cooling coils need to be cleaned. Make sure to take care of these coils and clean them regularly. This can cause it to not work properly and by keeping them clean you will be able to relax and enjoy your heat during those cold months.

Cover The Unit

If you have a window unit or outside unit you can consider covering the unit during the winter. This will protect it from the harsh winter conditions. You can also keep debris and dirt from building up in the unit this way. You can also remove a window unit if you have one to save it during the cold season.


Take advantage of your AC Company’s maintenance plan. They will come out and check your AC unit so they can help you prepare it for winter. The technician will do a routine inspection and give you ideas on how to take care of the unit and prepare it for the cold months coming.

Be sure you take these tips into mind when you are preparing for the winter months. These can help you to protect your AC unit during winter. Be sure you keep it clean and free of debris even when you are not using the unit.

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