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Is Duct Cleaning Necessary?

Air duct cleaning is often advertised these days—but would the service do your Cincinnati home any good? There are certainly HVAC companies that try to sell air duct cleaning services to every customer, but in some cases it’s an unnecessary add-on.

The fact is that not all homes will benefit from cleaning air ducts. So how do you know if you should hire professional duct cleaners? At National Heating and Air Conditioning, we’re here to help you decide if duct cleaning is right for you. If it was right for you then you may want to look online for some Air Duct Cleaners.

How Do Air Ducts Function?

Air ducts are the large conduits within walls and under floors that distribute air from (and return it to) your air conditioner. In some homes, these supply/return air ducts become lined with, or even blocked by, airborne dust, debris, pet dander and more. Ducts may even harbor insect infestations and mold, if moisture or high humidity gets into the duct system.

Why Are Dirty Ducts a Problem?

When airborne contaminants build up within ductwork, they can be recirculated, ruining your Cincinnati home’s indoor air quality (IAQ), even with an air filter in your AC system. Poor indoor air quality can cause illness or allergy symptoms to susceptible residents.

If your home seems extra dusty, you may have to dust less often after duct cleaning. Evidence for IAQ improvement and reduced dust is anecdotal, but noted by many homeowners.

What is proven, however, is that gunk inside air ducts gets into and can damage air conditioning equipment, making its energy-efficiency decrease and energy bills increase. Debris may also shorten the useful life of your AC system.

What Is Air Duct Cleaning?

Professional air duct cleaners use special equipment like industrial vacuum systems (which are far different from Bissell units) and brushes to remove debris from ductwork. This is basic service, but more steps are needed to ensure your indoor air and duct system stay clean.

What Extra Steps Do Quality Duct Cleaners Take?

Duct cleaners should collect and contain all the debris so that the cleaning process doesn’t cause air quality problems in or around your Cincinnati home.

They should also clean the entire system, including air handler (where air enters from your AC before going through the ducts), room registers/grilles, and AC equipment components, including coils.

Does My Cincinnati Home Need Duct Cleaning?

Your home may benefit from air duct cleaning services if it has:

  • Been remodeled: Sawdust and construction debris, which may include unhealthy asbestos particles, lead-containing paint and more, should be removed from your ductwork. Why not have professional construction cleaning services on this equipment to keep it running smoothly.
  • Pets: Pet dander is sometimes cause for duct cleaning if buildup is significant and affects household members.
  • Infestation: If insects, like fleas or dust mites have made a home in your ducts, you’ll benefit from duct cleaning.
  • Vulnerable residents: If you have children in the home, senior citizens, family members with allergies or anyone with chronic illness, they may benefit from duct cleaning to remove contaminants that might cause irritating symptoms.
  • Mold growth: Moldy ducts should be cleaned for health reasons since microscopic spores may be circulated in the household air supply.

Schedule Duct Cleaning in the Cincinnati Area Today

Get a duct inspection from the experts here at National to learn if your ducts show signs of infestation or other problems. We’re the HVAC experts Cincinnati trusts for duct cleaning and other home comfort services like heating and cooling system installation, repair, maintenance, and much more. Contact us now!


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