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Upgrades for your Home: IP Thermostat and Remote Furnace Control In Cincinnati

When it comes to making sure that you and your loved ones are kept toasty and warm in the winter time, you likely will not want to spare any expense, and there have been a number of innovations in the heating and air conditioning space.  The most practical and useful innovations that have come along in a long time is known as the IP thermostat. One thing that you need to keep in mind however is that installing these and getting them to work properly may be fairly complicated for many of you, so you may want to consult National Heating and Air in Cincinnati before making a final purchase.

An IP thermostat is short for Internet Protocol thermostat, which essentially means that it can be controlled remotely through the Internet via a secure control panel on the website or in some cases; they can even be controlled from smart phones like the iPhone. This will allow you to adjust you’re heating and furnace in your Cincinnati home in advance before you even step foot in it, but it also allows you to adjust the heating and cooling of your home remotely while on vacation or away so that you can help save money on your bills each month.

A number of years ago, it used to be that this type of remote controlled thermostat access via the Internet could only be included as part of a pricey home automation system or smart home as it’s otherwise known. But now with these newer IP thermostats, you can get the benefit of remote access and control at a much more reasonable price and without having to have your entire home retrofitted to use this technology.

An IP thermostat looks much like any other typical type of electronic thermostat and has a backlit area that is an LCD control screen. It provides single stage heating and cooling controls and will integrate into your current existing heating system. After installation, the IP thermostat can be controlled via a web browser on your home computer or laptop regardless of where you are in or out of your home.

Aside from remote access to your heating and air system, the IP thermostat can also be set to alert when the thermostat has been tampered with or adjusted.  In addition, alerts from various other sensors can be programmed as well such as high water sump pump alarms.  Another one of the benefits to this particular type of thermostat is the fact you can also detail notifications to alert that the temperatures in your home might be dangerous, or you might be close to having freezing pipes or other types of critical concerns in real time so that you can respond quickly to help eliminate whatever damage might come to your home when high or low temperatures are sensed by the thermostat. This type of thermostat is compatible with a number of different types of HVAC systems such as a gas furnace, a gas or oil fired boiler, and electric heat pump system with auxiliary heating, or central air conditioning.


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