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Ten Tips to Maintain Electric Heating Systems Effectively

1.) Make sure your home is efficient to heat. Stop all drafts under doors and windows using weather stripping. Check your attic and basement for proper insulation. Heating a home that isn’t properly insulated is costly. It is also causes your heating system to work harder and making it harder to maintain.

2.) Visually inspect your heating system for problems or objects that could hurt its operation. This could mean that your unit is covered in a pile of leaves in the fall, or it could mean a friendly squirrel has built a nest in your unit. This type of problem is very easily preventable with a little maintenance.

3.) Don’t run your unit when it is too hot outside especially if you have an electric heat pump. Running your heater when the temperature is above 85 degrees can cause serious damage. So please wait until you need the heat to turn it on.

4.) Seal your ducts. A duct system that is leaking can cause extra work on your heating system and not to mention cost you money.

5.) Clean your system. Make sure you take the time to clean your system and the keep the surrounding areas clean

6.) Change the air filter. The air filter needs to be changed during the heating months as well as the cooling months. A clean filter will cause less stress on your heating system because the air will not have to be forced through as much grime and dirt.

7.) Set your system to automatically turn off once the house reaches its target temperature. This will make sure that your system isn’t continuously running.

8.) Install a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat will help you save money and energy at the same time. When you are out for the day or want a cooler temperature at night, just step your thermostat to adjust the temperature automatically. This will create less stress on your system.

9.) Get your heating system regularly serviced by a professional. A service from a professional can prevent costly repairs down the line.
Enjoy a nicely heated home! Enjoying your home is what preventative care and maintenance is all about.

By following the ten tips above, you and your family can enjoy a well heated home all winter long. With just a little bit of time and care, you can effectively maintain your electric heat system.


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