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Do You Have Enough Attic Insulation? Here’s One Simple Check To Find Out

Anyone who has lived through a Cincinnati winter knows that the consequences of not preparing ahead of time can be quite severe. Having a home that is comfortable is ideal for enjoying the winter seasonal change. Yet, homeowners find dissatisfaction with temperature control and are unaware that the source of the discomfort is the lack of proper insulation. Specifically, attic insulation.

So how can you know if your attic is well insulated?  Here are a few tips to help you determine what changes need to be made, which can help to promote a more comfortable home life for you and your family this winter —

  • Access Your Attic — The first step towards determining whether or not your attic is properly insulated is to access it. In many homes, accessing the attic is a simple, straightforward process. Other times, however, access is restricted and can even be dangerous. In a case such as this, it’s essential to call in a professional to survey your attic and see whether or not it is properly insulated.
  • Check the Attic Floor Joists — Once you’re in your attic, focus on the floor joists. If the insulation comes to the top, you’re likely in good shape and keeping the majority of your heat inside. If it has settled below, however, chances are that you’re losing tremendous amounts of heat right through your roof.
  • Look at Air-sealing — Air-sealing is the most important and easiest step in improving a home’s energy efficiency.  Even if the insulation in your attic has passed the floor joist test, heat loss can occur in small openings in the wall plates, lighting fixtures and other elements of your attic that aren’t air-sealed properly. Making sure to quickly fix these small imperfections can improve the home’s overall performance.

Taking Steps in the Right Direction

If you’ve determined that you don’t have proper attic insulation or that you have air-sealing issues taking action before winter sneaks up is a smart decision. Insulating your attic is not only a noninvasive procedure, but it happens to be fairly inexpensive. Plus the differences in comfort with a well-insulated attic can be felt immediately, and the project will be payed back with energy savings.

National Heating and Air is adept at helping Cincinnati customers meet their energy efficiency and whole home performance goals by installing high-quality attic insulation quickly and effectively. Contact us today for more information.


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