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Discover the Top 10 Reasons Every Homeowner Should Have An Air Conditioning Tune Up…(At Least ONE!) You’ll keep more money in your pocket.

10) Perform a Comfort Consultation.  Let us discuss comfort issues with you so we can direct you to educational information and potential solutions.

9) Benchmark your system – Where are you in the life expectancy of your system (no one wants to replace too early)?  Think of it this way, the repairs of vehicles over 100,000 miles are more frequent and more expensive than under 100,000.  Do you know the efficiency rating(SEER) of your A/C system?

8) Check to see if you have proper air flow.  Is anything restricting it?  Insufficient air flow: anything that restricts air flow will cause the temperature of the system’s evaporator coil to drop below freezing.  Humidity in the air will collect on the coil causing ice to build-up and diminish the system’s cooling capacity.  Dirty air filters; collapsed, obstructed and undersized ducts; damaged blower motors; dirt build-up on the evaporator coil – all can seriously impede air flow.

7) Check proper drainage from the evaporator.  An A/C system is a “great big dehumidifier” designed to pull moisture out of the air.  Comfort comes from maintaining low humidity.

6) Cleaning the evaporator. The evaporator coil, filter, or blower wheel could be dirty.  This is usually the result of not performing routine maintenance on the system.  A dirty evaporator is a common problem.

5) Clean and remove dirt and dust build up.  Premature failure is due to DIRT!  An important part of an A/C tune up is clearing debris and dirt build up – outside and inside.

4) Check for potential electrical control failure.  If a capacitor or contactor is going bad, it increases utility bills.  The compressor and fan controls can wear out, especially when the air conditioner turns on and off frequently; as is common when a system is oversized.  Because corrosion of wire and terminals is also a problem in many systems; electrical connections and contacts should be checked during a tune up.

3) Extend the life of your current system. Most homeowners don’t realize 9 out of 10 systems fail prematurely.  PATH (Partnership for Advancing Technology In Housing) states this, In most homes, heating, air conditioning, and domestic hot water systems are typically ignored until they malfunction.”

 2) Save money$$.  According to major industry studies conducted by Utilities, 75% of installed A/C equipment are improperly charged.  A/C Systems with a 20% undercharge of refrigerant can DOUBLE your utility bills.  That’s why we say your electric bill may be burning a hole in your pocketbook.  Refrigerant undercharge is hard on your compressor.  It needs to be tested and charged correctly.  An industry term used by some technicians is not acceptable for our tune ups.  It’s known as the ‘beer-can-cold’ hand test; that just doesn’t cut it.

1) Avoid the ‘Got No AIR!’ Ughh.. what a nuisance.  Life is very busy.  Is it worth letting it run until the inevitable?  People want peace of mind.  In the end, it’s all about TRUE comfort with the lowest electric bill.


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