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Design of an electric furnace

An electric furnace is a heating unit that is used in many homes to provide warmth during the winter months. This heating option is easily installed as well as maintained so home owners can have an efficient heating unit in the home. The design of an electric furnace is quite simple and should be understood by home owners so they can understand if a problem exists with their unit. Problems should be taken care of right away to ensure that the unit continues to work properly. Below is a full description of the design of an electric furnace.

Using Cool Air

A motorized fan is located at the base of an electric furnace and this fan will pull air from the buildings interior and take the cool air and push it to the heating coils. The coils will then heat up and turn the cool air into warm air. It is important to keep their area clear of dust so the fan can continue to pull in the cool air to be transformed to heat.


The cool air will be pushed by the fan and as the air moves upward, electric hot coils will heat the cool air. The air will heat instantly as it moves over the extremely hot coils and will then be pushed through the home, to create a very warm environment for those in the home.

Recirculation/Temperature Control

Because homes vary in size, the amount of heat needed and temperature of the home will vary. It is important to make sure that the temperature of the air leaving the unit is not too warm or the home can become uncomfortable or even start a fire. To keep this from happening, an electric furnace uses a thermostat that is electric. The thermostat will be programmed based on the size of the home as well as the desired temperature.

This programming will determine how long the furnace will run as well as how fast the motor will run. This will also determine who hot the coils will get. The way the temperature of an electric furnace works is by recirculation heated air. An electric furnace will raise the air temperature by recirculation heated air. This will increase the temperature gradually over time.

Energy Efficient

This type of heating unit is very energy efficient. It does not take a great deal of energy to run this type of unit. Home owners can easily save money on their monthly bills by taking advantage of this type of heating unit.


Overall, an electric furnace is a great choice for home owners. The unit can be easily installed, maintained and controlled. Home owners can find out more about this type of unit by contacting their local HVAC provider. Simply schedule an inspection so a professional heating technician can inspect your home and determine if an electric furnace will work for you.


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