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Benefits of a Wi-Fi Thermostat

Technology has all but completely changed the way we live our lives. Take, for example, wireless Internet, which allows us to be anywhere in the home and still access the web from one of our many Internet-ready devices. Wireless networks are quickly becoming more and more integrated into daily life, and one area where this is especially pertinent is with the best smart thermostat systems out there on the market.

Wi-fi thermostats may be relatively new to market, but they come along with more home performance benefits than most people realize. Here are a few that can’t go overlooked.

Enhanced Home Comfort

Everyone wants to return home at the end of the day to a comfortable environment, but that’s not always the case for many Cincinnati residents. If your thermostat isn’t up to par, keeping the home comfortable can become a true challenge—especially in the dead of winter. Wi-fi thermostats are different in that they intuitively understand how to regulate the temperature of your home, thus ensuring true home comfort both day and night.

Reduced Energy Bills

One of the reasons that people end up spending more on their energy bills during the winter months is because they find themselves confused about how the thermostat should be set to utilize as little energy as possible while still keeping the home warm. Wi-fi thermostats are perfect for those who are looking to reduce their energy bills, as they allow for complete and total control of when and how the home is being heated. If you want to save money, this is the route to take.

Peace of Mind

Have you ever left the house wondering whether or not you’ve left the stove on or turned the heat down? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans let things like this ruin their days, but wi-fi thermostats can stop this problem in its tracks. Because they can be programmed and personalized down to the very last detail, you’ll never have to worry about what the heat is set at. This is especially useful when you decide to go on vacation, as the minute you leave, you’ll be worry free.

At National, we’re proud to offer the Ecobee3, the premier wi-fi thermostat on the market. Making the switch can save on average 23% on your energy bill, and there’s no better time than right now to get started. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.


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