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6 Ways to Get Cool This Summer

Let’s be real honest with each other; when you’ve got problems with your air conditioner and it’s June, July and August, that is very UNCOOL. So how are you going to be cool, there are a lot of ways we can impart advice to you. Here are six quick suggestions on actions you can take:

1) You need to know that 30% of the heat that is absorbed by your house come through one place. That place is the roof. And there are certain ways to react to it. One of the ways is to consider a ridge vent or fan in your attic. Of course, the attic is the room in your house that is closest to the roof.

2) Dehumidifiers are great, but remember that they can make the air conditioner in your home work harder to get your home cooled. So perhaps it is not a good idea to have it turned on while the AC is on.

3) Do not obscure or block your AC vents with anything. That applies whether you have the central air system or a unit in your wall. When something is blocked, it serves to genuinely restrict the flow of air out of those areas. And that is really a waste, isn’t it?

4) By all means, make sure your windows are closed on those hot days. Don’t give a chance for that hot air to come in. Then you defeat the purpose of having an air conditioner in the first place.

5) Keep in mind that the darker your house, the more heat it attracts. So you may want to think about something that may seem radical to some people, which is to paint your home. White or light colors are the way to go, and by the way, this perhaps could be a consideration when you are buying or renting a home.

6) Considering getting rid of any air conditioning system that has a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) that is at eight (8) or below, and right away. Give it some very serious thought. Bring it up to date. Of course, we are assuming that you can afford it, but also at the same time assuming that you can’t afford greatly inflated energy bills. What you may find – and this is something you can confirm through the help of an AC professional is that in the long run you will make up for the cost outlay because you’ll be paying less of a utility bill.


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