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3 Hidden Benefits of LEDs That You’ve Probably Never Heard About

Years ago, most homeowners hadn’t yet heard of LEDs or how they could be incorporated into the home as a system. There are plenty of reasons why LEDs are currently being so heavily embraced, yet mainly the fact they can transform a home’s energy efficiency above and beyond normal standards. Believe it or not LEDs do have other benefits as well, which are easily overlooked by even the most knowledgeable homeowners.

3 Hidden Benefits of LEDs | More of a Reason To Switch Over

1. Aesthetics

One of the most common reasons why people turn towards LEDs when retrofitting their homes is the aesthetic value they can bring to any space. LEDs not only shed a brighter, more effective light than traditional bulbs, but they also tend to make objects look more natural. Although designed for all homes, LEDs also have a“futuristic” look often associated with certain LED fixtures. There is no better choice of bulb for modern homes. If aesthetic value is important to you, look no further than LEDs.

2. Air Leakage into Attic

There are countless different things that can be done to improve the energy efficiency of a home, but perhaps the most important is to focus on is air-sealing. Recessed lighting, used normally for incandescent light bulbs, can increase air-sealing needs due to the open gaps left around the fixture allowing easy access for air to move through. LED light fixtures, however can effectively improve air sealing due to their proper-sealing features. Benefit 3 will explain why replacing recessed lighting with properly-sealed LED fixtures not only stops airflow, but can make your home more energy efficient.

3. Heat Leakage into Attic

Not only do proper LED light fixtures prevent air flow, but they contribute in the process of keeping heat from escaping during the winter. Escaping heat can cause your utility bill to skyrocket, especially when you take into consideration the fact that it can create ice dams in your attic and make for an uncomfortable environment. Eliminate heat escape with LEDs and you will not have to worry about overspending for total home comfort. Yet remember, pairing better air-sealing with LEDs along with proper attic insulation you will see decreased utility costs and find total comfort within the home.

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