Connected Home

National Heating and Air Conditioning has been helping Cincinnati homeowners keep their homes comfortable for more than 80 years. As we make our way through the 21st century, National remains on the cutting edge of technologies designed to make life easier and more comfortable for you and your family.

We offer a wide range of products and services including energy monitoring devices, energy management interfaces, and more. As homes across the country get "smarter," you can rely on National Heating and Air Conditioning to keep your home on the cutting edge of comfort.

We offer a variety of Connected Home services, including a complete home automation system from Leviton. This system includes:

  • Energy management
  • Lighting control
  • Home security
  • Vehicle detection
  • Total home audio
  • Irrigation
  • Access control
  • Home theater
  • Pool & spa
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Internet access & control

For more information about Connected Home services from National Heating and Air Conditioning, give us a call today!

Energy Monitoring

energy monitoring dashboard screenshot

National Heating and Air Conditioning offers energy monitoring services for commercial and residential buildings in the Cincinnati metro region. If you are interested in lowering your energy consumption with the help of sophisticated analysis, or would simply like access to more information than your power company provides, give us a call.

Ecobee3 - The Smart Thermostat

Many of today’s most forward-thinking homeowners are actively looking for tools which they can use to take their homes to the next level, and there’s no getting around the fact that the “smart home” trend is here to stay. National Heating and Air is proud to be an official Ecobee3 dealer, a product that will transform the ways you view regulating your home heating and air-conditioning system entirely.


Breakthrough technology over the last few years has made it possible to monitor and manage your home or building's energy consumption via WiFi, allowing you to view your home's energy use in real time and even turn devices on and off. It is even possible to manage energy use using your...

Smart Technology for your Home
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Steve, sales very knowledgeable and friendly, took the time to sell us a new unit. Felt we were buying unit for our house. National showed up next week and installed in a day. Very professional, curious and timely. Absolutely recommended!

Justin, Cincinnati

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