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What Is a Home Energy Audit?

Posted on August 28, 2016

A home energy audit is a holistic approach to building performance improvements which determines the best, most cost-effective upgrades for your home. This process allows you to find out: Which areas of your home use too much energy Where you can make improvements to your energy efficiency The best, most cost-effective upgrades for your home What Does a Home Energy Audit Identify? Home energy audits are essentially comprehensive energy efficiency evaluations. They focus on a few key areas in your home, which we’ll discuss in detail below: Insulation During a home energy audit, we look at your home’s building envelope...

What Is Home Automation?

Posted on August 22, 2016

First, it was smart cars that talked to you, then it was smartphones that do just about every task imaginable, and now it is smart houses. While we haven't quite gotten to the level of the Jetsons, the things that make up our everyday world are becoming more able to do things that scientists only dreamed about twenty years ago. Home automation is now becoming a widespread phenomenon. The Connected Home Imagine placing a small device in each room of your home that allows you to use your phone to control the temperature wherever you happen to be. This is...

Should I Repair or Replace My Home’s Air Conditioner?

Posted on July 27, 2016

When temperatures rise and no natural respite from the humid, sweltering summer is near, it’s up to your home’s air conditioner to take care of you and ensure that you and your family stay cool and comfortable. However, even the most well-kept AC unit will fail eventually (although regular preventative air conditioner maintenance will definitely stave off that day!), and when it does, you need to be prepared to solve the problem. So how do you know if your AC needs to be repaired or replaced? Before you decide whether or not you should repair or replace your old air...

Tips for Staying Cool for Less This Summer

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When temperatures rise, your air conditioner naturally has to work harder to keep your home cool. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend more on your energy bill over the summer. There are steps you can take to reduce your energy bill while still staying comfortable. For example, you can: Replace your AC filter Most filters are useful for around 90 days before they need to be replaced (and this timeframe is even shorter if you or your family suffers from allergies). Blocked air filters will dilute your air conditioner’s ability to push cold air out, causing it...

Proud Sponsor of JDRF Tee it Up for Type 1 Golf Outing

Posted on June 16, 2016

JDRF Is the Leading Global Organization Funding T1D Research Four Bridges Country Club August 22, 2016, 11:30 a.m. Millions of people around the world live with type 1 diabetes (T1D), a life-threatening autoimmune disease that strikes both children and adults. There is no way to prevent it, and at present, no cure. JDRF works every day to change this by amassing grassroots support, deep scientific knowledge, and strong industry and academic partnerships to fund research. National Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to sponsor JDRF's 2nd Annual Tee It Up for Type 1 Golf Outing. We understand that giving back is...

Why Is My Air Conditioner Blowing Warm Air?

Posted on June 13, 2016

One of the most frequent questions we receive is, "Why is my air conditioner blowing warm air?" Air conditioners are supposed to blow cold air. If your AC system has started blowing warm air, there are a few components you can check yourself before calling in a professional like National Heating & Air Conditioning. Believe us, we know how inconvenient it can be to have an air conditioner that is on the fritz—and we never want you to feel inconvenienced in your own Cincinnati home! If your system isn’t working like it used to, you need to schedule air conditioner...

The Importance of Air Conditioner Maintenance

Posted on June 6, 2016

Temperatures are reaching ninety degrees and you have spent the day outside with your family. Coming home, you look forward to a relaxing evening in front of the air conditioner, but when you open your door, you are hit by a wall of hot air. Checking your air conditioning system, you find the motor has died. You ask yourself why things like this always seem to happen at the worst possible time. It doesn't have to happen. You go for annual checkups to keep your body working and you take your car in for regular maintenance so it doesn't leave...

Benefits of a Wi-Fi Thermostat

Posted on January 22, 2016

Technology has all but completely changed the way we live our lives. Take, for example, wireless Internet, which allows us to be anywhere in the home and still access the web from one of our many Internet-ready devices. Wireless networks are quickly becoming more and more integrated into daily life, and one area where this is especially pertinent is with modern thermostats. Wi-fi thermostats may be relatively new to market, but they come along with more home performance benefits than most people realize. Here are a few that can’t go overlooked. Enhanced Home Comfort Everyone wants to return home at...

Indoor Air Quality and Energy Efficiency

Posted on January 8, 2016

There’s no getting around the fact that energy efficiency is one of the most important things that Cincinnati homeowners can focus on. This being said, home performance is about more than simply improving energy efficiency. It’s also about indoor air quality, which can vastly affect the health and safety of your family. This is especially true for those who live in older homes, in which case indoor air quality may already be suffering. Think indoor air quality and energy efficiency are independent from one another? Think again. Here are a few things you need to know about how they relate...

Why Are My Furnace Filters So Dirty?

Posted on January 7, 2016

With winter here, many Cincinnati residents are finding themselves paying closer attention to their heating systems than they have in many months. It’s true that the cold weather is only going to continue to get colder, so how is your furnace filter doing? If you haven’t checked in a while, now is the time. Dirty furnace filters are surprisingly common among Ohio homeowners, which often leaves people wondering how their filters ended up getting so filthy. There are a number of different causes, with the following being the most common sources of the issue. 1.) Your Furnace’s Fan is Set...

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