Getting your Air Conditioning ready for a Cincinnati Summer

Summer is upon us, and that means the heat is too. If you want your house to be cool this summer, you can spend a lot of money installing an air conditioner, and even more paying for air conditioning on your monthly electricity bill. Or you could let National show you ways to keep your house cooler, save energy, and use less air conditioning. And then if necessary install a properly sized high efficiency AC.

By having a home energy assessment before doing energy upgrades to your home National can determine if all the conditioned air you are paying to pump into your home is leaving through unseen cracks and crevices. Most comfort problems in a home are the result of air infiltration and insulation that is insufficient or incorrectly installed.

After making sure these items are up to par then it is time to look at the sizing and efficiency of your air conditioner and furnace. If you’re in immediate need of a replacement, now is the best time to make sure you’re putting the right size equipment into the optimal situation and are truly addressing the comfort issues in your home.