Energy Audits For The Home

Those who are looking to make their homes more energy efficient may find that energy audits are a good way to begin the process. With a home energy efficiency audit, home owners can find out how to make their homes more efficient so that they create less harm to the environment and find home energy savings. A good audit will look at the whole home performance to find out where energy could be used more efficiently without disrupting how the home runs.

In many cases, homeowners can perform energy audits themselves. For the do-it-yourselfer who prefers to perform the audit, all it takes is a look at the bills over the past year. Comparing energy use in the home with information about average use of energy in similar households can tell homeowners where they may be wasting energy. They can also find energy saving recommendations like energy efficient light bulbs and insulation in order to use less energy.

A do it yourself energy audit can also involve more than looking at the bills to examine the home structure. For instance, replacing old heating and cooling units can be a good way to make the home more energy efficient because older units tend to use up more energy. If they have dirt streaks, it can indicate that there are air leaks in the unit, which makes them use more energy, especially if the unit is not in the best condition. Energy audits can also help homeowners make other decisions to create an energy efficient home. Unplugging electronics and appliances will help save energy by preventing phantom loads.

Of course, homeowners can also hire a professional in order to get an accurate picture of the home energy efficiency. A professional will do more than look at the bills. A professional will actually examine the home to find energy drains such as missing insulation and air infiltration. Professionals will use equipment and methods that help detect energy drains that many homeowners may not detect.

For instance, they may use blower doors to see how far leaks extend and infrared cameras that can find missing insulation and air infiltration that may otherwise be difficult to find. In many cases, some utility companies may offer free audit services to their customers, but there are also some that may charge a discounted price for audits. There are also other professionals including Home Energy Raters who can perform audits.